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Invest the time to benefit your marriage!

Coach David helps couples learn better communication and problem solving skills – the main ingredients to restore intimacy.  Using Skype or in the Green Lake Wisconsin office couples meet with David to work through challenges and find fresh new ways of relating, communicating and taking their relationship to the next level.

Whether you are planning to marry or have been married 1 year or 30 years… or even 50 years, Coach David can assist you in addressing compatibility issues or in restoring the intimacy in your relationship.

David & Phyllis Howie will come and lead a POWER of US Workshop for your Church and Community–[help us set that up!].  You and your spouse may prefer a more private Personalized Workshop with David which is held in beautiful Green Lake Wisconsin. Attending a workshop is equivalent to a few months of Coaching.


“The Marriage Workshop took our marriage from being an OK marriage to a marriage closer to God and therefore, closer to each other.  We have more respect for each other and our anger, criticisms, and unhappiness toward each other has become almost nonexistent. Our love, understanding, and ability to listen to one another is now the norm for our relationship.”

“We would not be where we are now in our marriage without your coaching.  We still use so many of the concepts we learned in coaching and it makes such a huge, positive difference.”  

“We will be able to use the tools we learned on a daily basis.”  “It will give us ways to connect and to talk at a deeper level.”  

“Everything was very informative and it was eye-opening on how the assessment tools were spot-on about my personality.”

Best marriage workshop I’ve been a part of in 30 years of marriage! Powerful teaching, illustrations, role modeling, breakouts, and humor…”

“If and when our girls get married, we will give them a gift of this marriage workshop.”

Your first session is Complimentary– with no obligation to continue.

David and his wife are an experienced couple who have “been there” and built a marriage that has lasted for over 30 years. David Coaches Couples on SKYPE and in his Green Lake office.   Our Power of Us– Couples [one day] Workshop    gives you key practices, applications and tools that you can take home and continue using.  You come together with other couples and learn the basic tools that will make your marriage a success, improve your emotional literacy and move from pain to pleasure in any relationship.  You’ll connect with the other couples, but you WILL NOT be asked to share your private issues in a group setting.  The Personalized Workshop is more personally focused as it is only  you and your spouse.  This private/personalized one day workshops are usually held at Green Lake TOWNSQUARE in Green Lake Wisconsin.  It’s worth the trip and investment!

Phyllis & David


Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills

  • Experience deeper intimacy and connectedness
  • Experience deeper levels of knowledge and understanding of each other
  • Strengthen communication and conflict resolution skills

Family Matters

Let’s get the family communicating.  People around the world agree that communication is a problem in most families from time to time.  We can learn to understand and love our differences and enhance our family relationships.  A coach can help you discover and apply skills to improve family dynamics.


Call me at 262.949.2952 for a complimentary, no obligation consultation.


In addition, accept this free gift: Problem Solving Worksheet


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will we need to meet?

Length of time coaching takes is of course dependent upon the couple. Your relationship is unique.  Your situation may be unique as well. The good news is that there is no charge or obligation for the first session. Couples generally find five months up to one year or more is helpful and needed.

Can we keep our meetings confidential?

Absolutely! No one needs to know that we are talking or what we’re talking about. I do not share your information with anyone. That’s why we can “meet” by phone, or Skype so that you are in the comfort of your own home, office, or other location. Or we can meet at my  office in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

What can I expect in a typical meeting?

The couple talks.   I listen and ask questions. I may ask you both to take one or more simple assessment tools that will help me understand your unique design. There are no right-or-wrong answers, so there’s no need to worry about being judged. These tools assess your behavioral and motivation styles so that I can save you time and money in learning the best way to help you. I will help you identify your goals, any blockages to achieving your goals, and effective ways of achieving what YOU want to accomplish.

What is the process/strategy?

  • Bi-weekly sessions by telephone, Skype, Goggle Chat, or face- to-face meeting
  • Assessing your history and establish targeted goals
  • TTI Success Insights Assessments to better understand yourself and your spouse.
  • Prepare/Enrich Assessment that reveals compatabilities and “things to work on”
  • Identify barriers to success and identify steps to achieve  targeted goals
  • Reviewing your progress toward your goals
  • Brief phone calls in-between sessions, if needed

How much will this cost?

Please call me for the affordable  rates.  We prefer to use credit cards. If you can afford to replace a TV set, you can afford Coaching.    


Contact me  by calling 262.949.2952.  I hope you call today. 



Coach David Howie

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